FEST 19: OCT 30 - NOV 1, 2020
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The FEST Blog

  • Staff Picks: Curtis

    I’m Curtis. I spend way too much time looking at spreadsheets while you are raging. I have been coming to Fest since Fest 6 with my best pal Michael Backus (who is my number 2 Fest weekend), we live in Richmond, VA please don’t call it RVA that got weird. I have survived an earthquake […]

  • The Spotlight: FEST 1 vets, More Record Release Sets, and… a Wedding Reception?!

    The week of Fest is almost upon us! This means I’m basically running around town getting things together last minute with a slightly manic look in my eye but I’ve got one more batch of bands to cast the spotlight on for you before the party starts! NOMORE I’m not sure why I haven’t been […]

  • The Spotlight: Guest Stars, Guitars, and a Goodbye

    Hey again all, Alex here, back with some more Fest sets to shine that spotlight on to give you even more schedule clashes to cry about! Sorry not sorry! Coffee Project Gainesville’s own Coffee Project have been a Fest staple for some time and were actually one of the main reasons I first came over […]

  • The Spotlight: New Album Releases, Cellos, and more

    People of Fest, your friendly neighbourhood band wrangler Alex here again! No doubt by now you’ve all made a start on planning your individual schedule for Fest weekend and had to make tough decisions regarding those oh so painful clashes between bands you love. But perhaps you have the odd gap here and there? While […]

  • Staff Picks: Maxx

    Hello everyone! Maxx from the FEST Wrestling crew here! This is my 10th consecutive year attending FEST! I play bass guitar and sing in the greatest band of all time WORLDS SCARIEST POLICE CHASES and for the past 3 years I have been ½ of the commentary team at FEST WRESTLING! This FEST is also […]

  • Staff Picks: Avery

    Hey! My name is Avery Chase. I started out as a volunteer back during Fest 5 and have loved working with this family of amazing people over the years. I work as one of the Three Horsewomen. We help out with training our volunteers for their positions, monitor the comings and goings of the venues, […]

  • Staff Picks: Brian

    Oh hi! Brian from FEST crew here. I’ve been running around working this weekend since FEST 6. I spend the year wrangling, sorting, and facilitating the festivals guitar/bass/drum gear needs with sponsors, rental companies and good Samaritans. My aim is for as many bands as possible to be able to show up with as little […]

  • Staff Picks: Sarasvati

    Heyo it’s Sara(svati)! I handle pretty much all of the customer service side for FEST attendees (festsarasvati@gmail.com if you have a question!). I run registration with Steve Wozniak, handle all the hotels, ticketing, flea market, and other odd jobs here and there. I’ve been on the FEST crew for six years now and it really […]

  • Staff Picks: Scotty

    Heya, Scotty from the FEST crew! I’ve been slingin’ graphics for FEST for 8 years now. If you see something with Horsebites illustrations on it, chances are I put it there. Including some of the sweet animations and video stuff you might have seen on the tubes. I’m also doing the guidebook for the first […]

  • Staff Picks: Randy

    Hey y’all, it’s Randy from the Fest crew! I’ve been volunteering since Fest 7 and have taken on a lot more work over the years. This year I’m the person posting all the social media stuff, handling sponsorships, and, as always, helping turn Bo Diddley Plaza into a venue! I also play in a band […]

  • Staff Picks: Alex

    Hey everyone, Alex from The Fest crew here! “Use this pic” – Alex For those that don’t know, I work for Fest as the main point of contact for all the performers once they’ve been booked to play. What this means is I’m the person that uploads all the information for the 300+ bands we […]

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