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FEST Photo & Video Teams

Check out photography from previous FESTs on Flickr!!!

Can I be an official FEST Photographer/Videographer?


All interested photographers should fill out an official FEST 22 photographer application before 8/1/2024. Please note that FEST does not have stand alone photo passes – just photo team members.

Click on this link for the application!!

If you have additional questions, please contact the Official Fest Photography Overlord (thefestphoto@gmail.com).


All interested videographers should contact the Official Fest Video Czar (festvideos@gmail.com) before 8/1/2024 with:

  • Link to concert resume/video reel, portfolio samples, and other details about previous work
  • Why you want to be on the video crew
  • Top 5 bands that have played FEST
  • General camera gear rundown
  • Contact number

We can only accept a limited number of FEST Photographers & Videographers, and their mission is to document the entire FEST experience, so experience with bands/live music/crowds/flying objects is definitely helpful.

Take a look at past FEST photos, past FEST videos, and of course, follow us on Instagram!

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