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M04 12, Thu 09:00

Hey FEST Friends,

The FEST Web Store is now open for business!!! Go get your FEST 17 & PRE-FEST 6 passes (at those sweet EARLY BIRD prices), reserve your hotel rooms, and check out all that brand new merch we have for sale this year!

Hotel Tips

Here are some tips and FAQ’s about booking a room at one of our partner hotels!

Make sure you choose the correct room! If you purchase a king room (1 bed/sleeps 2) by mistake, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to switch to a double room (2 beds/sleeps 4) since all rooms sell out fast. Be careful at check out! Make sure to confirm what you’re purchasing before finalizing your order.

Hotels are sold in packages. Two nights for PRE-FEST (Ybor City) and three nights for FEST (Gainesville). You cannot book individual nights on these packages. You cannot call the hotel to make a reservation.

At PRE-FEST (Ybor City) you’ll check in on Wednesday (10/24) and check out Friday morning (10/26). You can add on Tuesday night (10/23) to check in if you arrive on Tuesday.

At FEST (Gainesville) you’ll check in on Friday (10/26) and check out Monday morning (10/29). You can add on Thursday night (10/25) to check in if you arrive on Thursday and/or Monday night (10/29) if you want to check out on Tuesday morning (10/30). Any nights beyond that you must book through the hotel.

You can purchase add-on dates after you’ve booked your initial package. It doesn’t have to be in the same order.

All you need when you arrive at the hotel to check in is your photo ID and a credit card for incidentals.

For more info about the hotels check thefestfl.com/hotels for FEST (Gainesville) and thefestfl.com/prefest/ybor-hotels for PRE-FEST (Ybor City).

If you weren’t able to get a room at the Holiday Inn or Wyndham Garden check out hotels.com and use the Bo Diddley Plaza address (111 E University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601) where the heart of downtown is to find other hotels nearby!

Offset your carbon footprint!

FEST offsets the carbon footprint of the venues, but that doesn’t account for the carbon footprint of attendee travel which makes up 98.1% of FEST’s overall footprint. We’re asking you to do your part by offsetting the carbon footprint of your travel to and from FEST. We’re working with the local environmental nonprofit We Are Neutral to offset your carbon footprint, right here in Gainesville. The cost to offset the average trip to FEST is $5. Please add these offsets to your purchase in the name of a healthier planet!

For more info about We Are Neutral, visit http://www.weareneutral.com.


That’s it for now! If you are new to the site, read the next post to see our initial lineup announcement and check out the rest of hte site for more info about PRE-FEST 6 and FEST 17!

- Tony & the FEST Crew


M04 9, Mon 04:20


Happy FEST SITE LAUNCH DATE!!! We here at FEST HQ are have been working our asses off since December to bring you yet another stacked initial lineup of the BEST INDEPENDENT BANDS from all over the world who will converge on Florida to make FEST 17 the BEST FUCKING FEST FAMILY REUNION EVER!!!

So, who is coming? Well here is the short list to start out with. Feel free to check out the BANDS PAGE of the site for a full list of who we are confirming today. Also, take note that bands who have “FL Exclusive” badges means that they will NOT be touring round Florida, so you can only catch them in Ybor during PRE-FEST 6, or in Gainesville at FEST 17. We will also be coming at you with another batch of confirmed bands on JUNE 11th @ 9AM EASTERN TIME.

But what about NOW!!!!

Well, let’s talk about LAGWAGON!!!! Let’s also talk about their amazing album LET’S TALK ABOUT FEELINGS turning 20 years old. Let’s talk about LAGWAGON playing the album in its entirety at BO DIDDLEY PLAZA this year… along with all their other bangers!

CURSIVE finally plays FEST!!!! And, while we are at it, why not have them play PRE-FEST 6 in Ybor as well! Honestly this is something we have been trying to make happen for what feels like an eternity so this is kind of a big fucking deal!

While we are talking about us bugging the living shit out of bands to play FEST 17, here are two bands we can’t give enough love to for finally making it to the party.



Now… Let’s Talk About… REUNIONS:

Here are a few band’s CDs we dusted off, popped in the car stereo and remembered just how fucking fun it is to sing along to.




It will be sad to see but this band is calling it a day but want to go out with one big sendoff, and what better party than to do it at FEST? So, please join us in going ape one last time for these long time FEST friends. Since it will be their final shows we have decided to have them play twice in smaller venues as well. Let’s make it feel like the old days and get weird y’all!


Expect some big returns from classic FEST alumni you all love like DEAD TO ME, TIM BARRY, IRON CHIC, RVIVR, TORCHE, Rozwell Kid, Lemuria, The Copyrights, Riverboat Gamblers, Meat Wave, Red City Radio, Bad Cop/ Bad Cop, PEARS, and so many many more… just keep reading below!


Lagwagon (20 Year Anv. full album set of LET’S TALK ABOUT FEELINGS), Cursive, Piebald, Dead to Me, METZ, Tim Barry, Radioactivity, Iron Chic, RVIVR, The Stereo, TORCHE, Rozwell Kid, Nothington (Last Fest show), LemuriaThe Copyrights, Pkew Pkew Pkew, PEARS, Bad Cop/ Bad Cop, Direct Hit, War on Women, Riverboat Gamblers, Crusades (Farewell show), Audio Karate (Reunion), Mom Jeans, Slingshot Dakota, Dikembe, Elway, Signals Midwest, Meat Wave, RADON, Broadway Calls, Daggermouth, Night Birds, Tsunami Bomb, Red City Radio, Timeshares, Tiltwheel, A Vulture Wake, Drakulas, Arms Aloft, MakeWar, Gouge AwayPrince Daddy & the Hyena, Sincere Engineer, Kississippi, Drones, Quinn Cicala, The Hooten Hallers, Retirement Party, Jason Guy Smiley, Worlds Scariest Police Chases, Lone Wolf, Wolf-Face, Onward, Etc., Question The Mark (UK), Dead Tropics, Aspiga, Nervous Triggers, Traverse (FR), Honey (IT), Sinners and Saints, Tiny Stills, The Tim Version, Night Witch, American Pinup, Airstream Futures, The Dollyrots, Bike Tuff, Walt Hamburger, Brightr, Mike Frazier and The Dying Wild, Custody (FIN), BOIDS, Spanish Love Songs, Lost Love, Brutal Youth, Alright, Adult Mom, Sarchasm, Lost In Society, Western Settings, Bridge City Sinners, Awkward Age, GLAM SKANKS, The Shell Corporation, Caffiends, Gender Roles (UK), Too Many Daves, NoMore, Pohgoh, Teen Agers, Katie Ellen, Zeta (VE), Late Bloomer, Nightmarathons, Bat Boy, Fat By The Gallon, Take The Reins, The Weak Days, SHEHEHE, Southpaw, Chris Fox, Staghorn, Graduation Speach, No Dead Heroes, Reconciler, Squarecrow, SEXX, Sandspur City, David Dondero, Days N Daze, Dollar Signs, King Complex, and MANY MANY MORE ANNOUNCED JUNE 11th!!!


So much more. We pretty much have FEST 17 booked solid. Just a few more big surprises we are tweaking for ya. Expect on JUNE 11th’s announce to see lots of alumni returning but also a large batch of new bands to check out and more old timers we have been nudging for years. Expect some big names to still come through as well as many special “Mystery Band” shows, intimate acoustic sets and fun cover sets already plugged into the master schedule.

Once again we’ll be using Bo Diddley Plaza as our main stage this year! With this wonderful open air main stage environment in the middle of downtown Gainesville with a capacity large enough, there is no way you will not be able to watch the main stage bands and best of all… no big ass line!

Later this summer we will also be announcing our FEST COMEDY and FEST WRESTLING showcases too!


We are once again taking over Historic Ybor, FL for two days leading up to FEST 17. So, look into cheaper flight options into Tampa, FL and join us and about 60 bands in three venues for two days leading up to FEST 17 in Gainesville. We also have an amazing shuttle bus service we like to call the Fest Express that will get you quickly and safely to Gainesville for FEST 17 on Friday Morning and return you to the Tampa airport on Monday morning if you choose. While you are in Ybor for PRE-FEST 6, we have two hotels in walking distance to all the venues and eateries in Historic Ybor City. So, we not only have amazing bands doing special sets in smaller venues but we have your entire stay covered easily for you. Feel free to ask past PRE-FEST attendees, and they will tell you it is a fucking blast and an easy and affordable way to catch all the bands you love early so you can fit more in while you are in Gainesville. Check out the PRE-FEST 6 lineup to see who will be coming to Florida early and playing some “special” sets for you all who come early to PRE-FEST 6!!!


Check out the new official merch for FEST 17 & PRE-FEST 6 as well as some old favorites we will have up for sale this year:


FEST 17 passes, PRE-FEST 6 passes, FEST 17 / PRE-FEST 6 Combo passes, hotels for both Gainesville and Ybor, THE FEST EXPRESS CHARTER BUS tickets as well as all merch pre-orders will go on sale April 12th at 9AM EASTERN TIME. THAT’S THIS THURSDAY!!!


Follow us on the following social media platforms:

You will not only stay up to date with the news and announcements leading up to FEST 17 & PRE-FEST 6, but when the event is going down you will be the first to get special announcements on who the MYSTERY BANDS will be as well as any last minute changes or surprises in the schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there is a lot to take in right now so for the next two months enjoy the new site. Explore all the bands we have booked so far. Listen to the FEST RADIO PLAYER, and start planning out your trip to sunny FEST friendly Florida this fall to help us celebrate FEST 17 and PRE-FEST 6!!!

Thanks! We will see you back on here JUNE 11th at 9AM EASTERN TIME for another awesome batch of bands joining us for the party!


-Tony and the FEST crew

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