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Fort Collins, Colorado

Red Scare Industries

Oscar Wilde once quipped that “art is the only serious thing in the world, and the artist is the only person who is never serious,” reflecting on the importance of the fruits of creative impulse while cautioning against allowing that impulse turn to self-importance.

If Elway were sober enough to have pondered that quote during their formation in the fall of 2007, perhaps it would have been their mantra.

Elway began their 10+ year ‘career’ as 10-4 Eleanor, slugging it out in the basements of punk houses and the local dives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their inebriated take on indie-tinged four chord punk via debut album “…Too Bad” gained them enough niche market acclaim to tour the country a few times before landing a record deal with Chicago’s Red Scare Industries in 2010.

With the new label came a new name, and Elway released “Delusions” in 2011. The next few years would see the band expand, with hundreds of shows across the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Europe, the release of 1 EP (“Hence My Optimism”) in 2012, and 3 LPs (“Leavetaking,” “Better Whenever,” and “”For The Sake Of The Bit””) in 2013, 2015, and 2018 respectively.

Elway has found a corner of the independent music scene in which they can thrive on their own terms. They owe their longevity to commitment to friendship and fun before the preening, posturing world of the aspirational punk band. To Elway, self-absorption is a slow, hilarious suicide they have no intention of committing and, sooner or later, they’ll get around to proving it.

FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING: Love of pizza as a personality trait.
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