FEST 20: October 28-30, 2022
Tickets and lineup: 4/20/2022

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Fest Wrestling


FEST WRESTLING is the wildest party in independent professional wrestling. High flying, chair smashing, table breaking, PBR chugging wild ass pro wrestling with a punk as fuck attitude. This is not the kid friendly WWE you see on TV. This is FEST!!! NO SEATS, NO BARRICADES, ALL PARTY!!!  

Check out footage from previous shows on the FEST WRESTLING YouTube channel!

FEST WRESTLING was created from the desire to help showcase independent wrestlers and promotions from all over the world and give these talented performers and smart fans a promotion built on equality. FEST WRESTLING is and has always been intergender wrestling at its finest.

After two years of hosting indie wrestling at THE FEST, Tony decided to start a branch of the popular brand and use the reach of THE FEST to help give exposure to independent talent and promotions from all over the world. September of 2016 FEST WRESTLING hosted its debut show and started a new chapter in how independent wrestling should be celebrated.

On SATURDAY OCTOBER 31st  of FEST 19 – FEST WRESTLING once again brings their crazy SUPER SHOW called WE ARE FAMILY. This show will not only feature the best FEST WRESTLING talent but will also have featured matches showcasing other independent promotions FW has become friends with and respect the vision they share with FW.

FEST WRESTLING’s main goal is to recognize and celebrate that independent wrestling is a legitimate form of both art and athletics. FEST is an example of how punk culture can unify people and form a positive community. FEST WRESTLING aims to help expand the same ethos and help build a stronger independent community in independent pro wrestling.

FEST WRESTLING will change your perception of what wrestling means to you. Come out and support a change in the norm when it comes to independent pro wrestling!!!

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