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Tsunami Bomb

Tsunami Bomb

Petaluma, CA

Alternative Tentacles Records


Hailing from Northern California, Tsunami Bomb has long set themselves apart from other bands with dual vocals combining a deep, soulful theme with an aggressive fast-paced attack, and anthemic, atmospheric synths layered over unforgettable melodies. Their energetic pop punk has a dark driving edge, and their dynamic live shows have continued to inspire sweaty singalongs for over 20 years. On signing them to his label Alternative Tentacles for their most recent LP, 2019’s “The Spine That Binds,” Jello Biafra remarked, “You don’t compare Tsunami Bomb to other bands. You compare other bands to Tsunami Bomb. Tsunami Bomb sounds only like itself.”

The Octopus. No one is safe from the Octopus. No one.

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