OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1

Late Bloomer

Charlotte, NC

“Late Bloomer — Michael Azerrad’s 2001 book Our Band Could Be Your Life chronicles the below-the-rader careers of pioneering bands of the American underground in the ’80s, icons who laid the groundwork for grunge and indie rock — the dueling idioms of ’90s alternative. Charlotte’s Late Bloomer resembles many of Azerrad’s subjects, in particular Dinosaur Jr.’s fuzzy fusion of noisy hardcore and melodic hard rock, and their descendents — the insistent Silkworm, the razor-sharp Archers of Loaf, the charged and peppy Superchunk. But Late Bloomer also transcends its obvious influences, its casual chemistry suggesting it would have come to this sound without these signposts.” – Patrick Wall (Free Times)

Late Bloomer “Things Change” 12″ LP (Tor Johnson) *2014*
Late Bloomer/Old Flings “split” 7″ (Kiss of Death) *2013*
Late Bloomer “S/T” 12″ LP (Self Aware/Lunchbox) *2013*
Late Bloomer “demo 2012″ CS *2012*