The Marked Men

Denton, TX

The Marked Men are a punk band band from Denton, TX composed of guitarists/vocalists Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke, bassist Joe Ayoub, and drummer Mike Throneberry. They have released four albums through Rip Off Records, Dirtnap Records, and Swami records, all currently available on Dirtnap.

Prior to joining The Marked Men, the members had all performed in other Denton-area punk rock bands. Burke was a member of The Chopsakis, The Rolemodels, and E-Class. Burke, Ryan, and Throneberry all performed together in the Reds. When their bassist Chris Pulliam moved to Japan, they added Ayoub to form The Marked Men. Each member is also concurrently active in other bands. Burke plays in Potential Johns and, since 2010, The Novice. Ryan and Throneberry play in High Tension Wires with former Reds bassist Pulliam and Riverboat Gamblers frontman Mike Wiebe, and Ayoub plays in Low Culture. Mark Ryan has a solo project called Mind Spiders which has released three albums on Dirtnap and several 7-inches. After Burke returned to Texas from Japan in August 2012, he formed Radioactivity with Ryan playing bass and Gregory Rutherford and Daniel Fried (from Bad Sports and Video) on drums and guitar.