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Telepathic Lines

Telepathic Lines

Saint Augustine, FL

Bakery Outlet Records


“This quartet from St. Augustine, Florida throw out some soulful, quirky, minimalistic, reclining in your easy chair after a hard day’s work, blue collar rock n’ roll. I hear equal parts Replacements debauchery, Pavement eccentricity, and Uncle Tupelo poignancy. . . Telepathic Lines music and melodies fit your heart like a worn and road tattered leather jacket while the vocals and lyrics are spun in such a clever manner that it keeps you listening for new meanings and mental projections.”
We’ve held membership in a few other bands including Angry Son, Rivernecks, Burl, Premadonnasaurs, Twelve Hour Turn, Tubers, Solid Pony, The South, In Danger of Dead, Verde, Alligator, and Environmental Youth Crunch.


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