Football, etc

Houston, TX
Football etc are an indie-rock trio from Houston, Texas. Drawing influence from the likes of Rainer Maria, Mineral and Fugazi, their music has a beautiful minimalism to it which evokes many of the traits associated with early emo (in all its guises) without straying into any of the clichés of the genre. Their most recent LP “Audible” (released last September on Count Your Lucky Stars in the US and Strictly No Capital Letters in the UK) pushes their sound in even more ambitious directions, expanding their sonic palette whilst still retaining a sound that is recognizably theirs.

Following a busy 2013 which saw the band release their sophomore LP and extensively tour the US and UK with labelmates Annabel, Plaids, Foxing and Warren Franklin, Football, etc. embarked on a tour of the UK and mainland Europe this past spring. They are currently working on their new release, which brings the band in even different sonic directions.