Against Me!

(playing both nights!)

Rainer Maria
Smoking Popes
The Lillingtons
Beach Slang
Teenage Bottlerocket
88 Fingers Louie
A Wilhelm Scream
Off With Their Heads
Tim Barry
Mustard Plug
Able Baker Fox
Banner Pilot
Meat Wave
Direct Hit
Red City Radio
Toys that Kill
You Blew It
Tartar Control
Signals Midwest
Mikey Erg (Full Band)
Slingshot Dakota
...and so many more!

The Fest 16 and Pre-Fest 5 presented by:





We have that covered too! We have set up a very special bonus to help make your extended Florida vacation even easier. We have partnered with a top notch charter bus company. Each bus has 55 seats. We are calling these sweet rides THE PORK CHOP FEST EXPRESS, named after Jack Burton’s trusted 16 wheeler, this premium coach bus service comes with cold cold  A/C, restrooms, large luggage area, free Wi-Fi & DVD entertainment system where we will be screening a movie of Tony’s choosing! Also, when you get on the  PCFE you will be given a very special PCFE t-shirt that no one else will be able to purchase. We filled up three of these cruisers last year and we only heard good reports back from attendees. I think most just needed two hours of rest before the marathon Gainesville was about to unleash on them.

“After a hellaciously rad two days in Ybor I had met a lot of awesome people and had been to even more awesome shows. So when it came time to board the bus, I realized that most of those awesome Festers were on my bus headed for Gainesville! It felt like being on an eighth grade field trip with your best friends all over again. Not many people can say that they bonded over a bus ride with “Big Trouble In Little China,”  but we all did. The PCFE was the perfect appetizer for the main course that would be Fest 12. But the icing on the cake was the opportunity to stare at that modern day Adonis Kurt Russell in a tank top for two hours. Whew HAWT! Would I recommend the PCFE to people? Was the trouble in Little China big?”  -John R from Tennessee

“Perfect way to rest, recover from a hangover or meet a new friend. Also great not to worry about getting lost or being late to your flight. -Sean

The Pork Chop Express is a lean, mean, punk rock driving machine. Fly into Tampa for cheap, check out Pre-Fest, ride the bus to Gainesville (and back if you want). It’s like Fest is offering to be your guardian angel, dummy.” -The Internet

*You can bring food and beverage on the bus. Just no boozin’ on the bus!!! How old are you fools?!

TRIP #1 –

The PCFE will be picking up passengers at 11:00am on 10/27/17 at the both PRE-FEST HOTELS (HAMPTON INN & SUITES YBOR/  HILTON GARDEN INN YBOR) and taking you straight to The Holiday Inn University (FEST 16 REGISTRATION) or the Wyndham Garden Hotel. YOU CHOOSE THE BUS.

*When you order your passes there will be a choice of pick up location. If not please make a note on your order. You can also email SARA (, and she can make note for you on your order.

TRIP # 2

The PCFE will return to The Holiday Inn University on Monday 10/30/17 at 11:00am and take passengers to Tampa International Airport (TPA) so you can fly home.


It will take 2 – 2.5 hours each way for your non-stop trip depending on traffic. There are NO STOPS!!! ONE WAY STRAIGHT RIDE BABY!

FREE PCFE SHIRT WITH YOUR ORDER!!!! They will be different this year too!

When you order your seat on the PCFE (Tampa to Gainesville only) please put your shirt size in the comments section.You can also email SARA ( and she can make note for you on your order.


PCFE tickets are not refundable. If you need to change the name on the ticket please email SARA (