Against Me!

(playing Reinventing Axl Rose)

Hot Water Music

Rainer Maria
The Movielife
The Lillingtons
Smoking Popes
Teenage Bottlerocket
Iron Reagan
88 Fingers Louie
Beach Slang
City of Caterpillar
Mustard Plug
A Wilhelm Scream
Off With Their Heads
Tim Barry
Crime in Stereo
Mean Jeans
Able Baker Fox
Toys That Kill
The Dopamines
Meat Wave
The Flatliners
Iron Chic
The Copyrights
Atom And His Package
Screaming Females
The Chris Gethard Show (LIVE!)
...and so many more!

The Fest 16 and Pre-Fest 5 presented by:


Zane Riley

From the cover of the Wall Street Journal, a documentary on Hulu, and being thrown through a wall on Monday Night Raw, Zane Riley has finagled his way into the hearts of many with his over the top antics that people call wrestling. He’s gone toe to toe with some of the world’s best wrestlers and though rarely coming out the victor, left smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s these smiles and laughs that have propelled him into one of wrestling’s biggest oddities.

Mr. 305’s humor has also leaked out into other forms of media, most noteable, his sketch comedy YouTube series with tag partner and Impact star Caleb Konley, called Zane and Caleb Put Over The World. The duo along with a stuff bear go everything from solve crimes, fight monsters and time travel. Zane also starred in a documentary about a small promotion in Lincolnton, NC called Fake It So Real. It did rounds at many small film festivals and was viewed and critiqued by Mick Foley and Mean Gene Okerlund . The film was directed by Robert Greene and can be found on Hulu. Riley is also co-host to a podcast (what wrestler isn’t?) called How Did This Get Booked?! with fellow wrestler and partner Man Scout Jake Manning. Zane and Jake, along with a non wrestling fan, comedian watch bad wrestling and discuss.

Though with Riley it’s not all fun and games. In a day and time where wrestlers with opinions are a big no no, Zane and Caleb go out of their way to voice theirs when they feel intolerance becomes too much around them. Though their team name is The Revolt, it’s much more than that to them. On multiple occasions they have spoke out against the oppressions they are bombarded with daily. Anti-Police Brutality. Pro Black Equality. Pro Women Equality. Pro BLM. Pro LGBTQ. Pro Marriage Equality. Pro Trans Rights. Anti Trump.They feel strongly about these issues and don’t allow others to put them down in their presence nor fear the repercussions that come along with these beliefs in a normally close minded wrestling community.

Outside of the ring Zane works with many promotions as booker throughout the Mid-Atlantic including Steve Corino’s Premier Wrestling Federation, WrestleCade creator’s AML, and formerly of NC power house, PWX. He also runs his own seminar’s called Zane Riley’s Home For Wayward Wrestlers. His main goal is to leave wrestling better than he found it and feels this is the best way, by teaching people that wrestling is fun.

Zane. is. Fun.