Less Than Jake
The Ergs! (reunion)
Dillinger Four
Off With Their Heads
Strike Anywhere
Latterman (Reunion)
A Wilhelm Scream
The Flatliners
Dead to Me
The Menzingers
Mustard Plug
Small Brown Bike
Tim Barry
Masked Intruder
Mean Jeans
Jeff Rosenstock
Planes Mistaken For Stars
F.Y.P (final show)
Mac Sabbath
...and so many more!

The Fest 15 and Pre-Fest 4 presented by:


Paris, France

Traverse is a four-piece band from Paris, France playing some kind of indie punk-rock, oui oui oui. The band was formed during the summer of ’15 by current or past members from Wank For Peace, The Helltons, Nina’ School and Homesick with the simple will to tour more. After two European tours (last February and this summer) which led them to countries like Greece, Turkey and a great part of Eastern Europe, they’ll be releasing their first 7″ “Winter songs from summer bruises” through Brassneck Records among others, right on time for their U.S. tour next October.