Against Me!

(playing Reinventing Axl Rose)

Hot Water Music
Rainer Maria
The Lillingtons
Smoking Popes
Teenage Bottlerocket
Iron Reagan
88 Fingers Louie
Beach Slang
Mustard Plug
A Wilhelm Scream
Off With Their Heads
Tim Barry
Toys That Kill
The Dopamines
Meat Wave
The Flatliners
Iron Chic
The Copyrights
Atom And His Package
Screaming Females
...and so many more!

The Fest 16 and Pre-Fest 5 presented by:


The Handsome Scoundrels

Mobile, AL

The Handsome Scoundrels are a pop punk trio from Mobile, AL. They have seen that leprechaun video from like 10 years ago so you don’t even have to ask them. You don’t need to scream quotes at them while they’re playing like “I wanna know where the gold at” or “it might be a crackhead.” You can however yell “Roll Tide” at their drummer and he will politely say it back to you. Anyways, check out the Handsome Scoundrels music and their podcast Scoundrels Be Talking!