Less Than Jake
The Ergs! (reunion)
Dillinger Four
Off With Their Heads
Strike Anywhere
Latterman (Reunion)
A Wilhelm Scream
The Flatliners
Dead to Me
The Menzingers
Mustard Plug
Small Brown Bike
Tim Barry
Masked Intruder
Mean Jeans
Jeff Rosenstock
Planes Mistaken For Stars
F.Y.P (final show)
Mac Sabbath
...and so many more!

The Fest 15 and Pre-Fest 4 presented by:

Such Gold

Rochester, NY

Such Gold is a punk rock/melodic hardcore band that is in a deadlock disagreement (2 vs. 2) about who is better – Rush or Yes. Their songs have a lot of notes which they’ve played to fans and confused rock show patrons all over the world for the last 7 years.  Bill Stevenson, who produced their latest full length “The New Sidewalk”, has proclaimed that they “shred balls”. FEST 15 will be their 5th time playing FEST. That’s pretty rad.