Less Than Jake
The Ergs! (reunion)
Dillinger Four
Off With Their Heads
Strike Anywhere
Latterman (Reunion)
A Wilhelm Scream
The Flatliners
Dead to Me
The Menzingers
Mustard Plug
Small Brown Bike
Tim Barry
Masked Intruder
Mean Jeans
Jeff Rosenstock
Planes Mistaken For Stars
F.Y.P (final show)
Mac Sabbath
...and so many more!

The Fest 15 and Pre-Fest 4 presented by:



I can imagine what’s going on in your head: Samiam doesn’t know when to quit. Formed in the tail-end of the ’80s, did singer Jason Beebout and guitarist Sergie Loobkoff know that they would still be slogging it out in 2016? Doubtful. And It’s not success nor money that have kept them going. Despite worldwide tours and major labels this band has kept it ‘real’ (if ‘real’ means there is hardly any money and no fame involved). So why do they still do it? Beats me…and I’m Sergie, the guy who just referred to himself in the 3rd person. I can say this: when playing in a band isn’t your job but more an overgrown hobby (and when a modest following of dipshits ‘dig’ what you do), it can be pretty rewarding. Any chance to kick it with Sean Kennery (guitarist), Colin Brooks (drummer) and Chad Darby (bassist and No Idea’s biker dude) in Berlin, Sao Paulo, Melbourne or…Topeka*…blasting shitty Samiam tunes is a true slice of heaven. You can understand that, if you are at the Fest there is a pretty good chance you too are in a shitty no-name band.
* We’ve played almost everywhere that they let bands play but never Topeka. I think ‘Topeka’ is slightly more humorous than, say, ‘Bakersfield’ or ‘Cleveland’, where we’ve played often.