Less Than Jake
The Ergs! (reunion)
Dillinger Four
Off With Their Heads
Strike Anywhere
Latterman (Reunion)
A Wilhelm Scream
The Flatliners
Dead to Me
The Menzingers
Mustard Plug
Small Brown Bike
Tim Barry
Masked Intruder
Mean Jeans
Jeff Rosenstock
Planes Mistaken For Stars
F.Y.P (final show)
Mac Sabbath
...and so many more!

The Fest 15 and Pre-Fest 4 presented by:

Recreational Drugs

Chicago, IL

Recreational Drugs started as a collection of rough demos written by Matthew Frank (Their / They’re / There and Lifted Bells). With no initial intention to pursue these ideas any further, these songs sat on an old hard-drive for a couple years. These songs resurfaced when Matthew and Josh Sparks (Into It. Over It.) began playing together. Their debut EP was released by Count Your Lucky Stars in December. Shortly after, a full-live band of some of Chicago’s finest was assembled to recreate these tracks live. “Think Ghosts and Vodka meets Unwed Sailor”