Less Than Jake
The Ergs! (reunion)
Dillinger Four
Off With Their Heads
Strike Anywhere
Latterman (Reunion)
A Wilhelm Scream
The Flatliners
Dead to Me
The Menzingers
Mustard Plug
Small Brown Bike
Tim Barry
Masked Intruder
Mean Jeans
Jeff Rosenstock
Planes Mistaken For Stars
F.Y.P (final show)
Mac Sabbath
...and so many more!

The Fest 15 and Pre-Fest 4 presented by:

Ian Douglas Terry


Ian Douglas Terry is a stand up comedian from Omaha, Nebraska who currently lives in Denver, Colorado. He runs a comedy festival called Crom that is happening in Omaha, Denver, Atlanta, and Toronto next year (the final year). He has performed at the High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver, The Fest in Gainesville, The Comedy Expo in Chicago, and numerous other festivals across the country. He has toured with Sean Patton and Dave Ross and opened for tons of amazing comedians and indie rock legends Cursive. In addition to comedy, IDT is also a professional wrestling manager, which is slightly cooler than being a stand up comedian. Hell yeah.