Against Me!

(playing Reinventing Axl Rose)

Hot Water Music

Rainer Maria
The Movielife
The Lillingtons
Smoking Popes
Teenage Bottlerocket
Iron Reagan
88 Fingers Louie
Beach Slang
City of Caterpillar
Mustard Plug
A Wilhelm Scream
Off With Their Heads
Tim Barry
Crime in Stereo
Mean Jeans
Able Baker Fox
Toys That Kill
The Dopamines
Meat Wave
The Flatliners
Iron Chic
The Copyrights
Atom And His Package
Screaming Females
The Chris Gethard Show (LIVE!)
...and so many more!

The Fest 16 and Pre-Fest 5 presented by:



Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana , besides being the most visited border of the world, having donkeys disguised as zebras and being a haven for drugs, cheap prostitution and crime, sometimes can be the cradle from some of the most under rated Rock n’ Roll in Mexico. I mean, even Santana learned how to play guitar in the downtown strip clubs and no one else, besides we locals, know that. This statement can be well defined on the all balls out chord attack of DFMK’s Rn’R sound.

Started a few years back ( three to be exact), by Marco and Angel, as a Hardcore Punk super group, with an unafraid attempt to display a little 70’s riff based rock influence (ala Black Sabbath). There were a lot of line-up changes back in those days, including people entering and leaving the band like it was a fucking cheap motel, leaving only Marco and Angel as the original remaining
members. It took a lot substance experimentation, wild partying, prison and detox hospitals to get the band back on track and with
a sound set on simple Rock n’ Roll with that Punk Rock attitude. Having gone after all that trouble, finally they found a lasting and solid line up on Marco’s little bro Alex teaming up with his previously mentioned elder on the rhythm section. A gnarly dude that goes by a lot of aliases, but better known as Boti or Tacubo joined later on second guitar, which brought a cleaner, more Ramonesque guitar approach with a slight touch of surf to the band’s sound. And last but not least, the vocalist and the main man on stage, Mr. Cap (aka Cachuchin), unashamed to reveal a soulful and emotive singing style, much similar to early proto-punk singers, but in its own unique way. With these five elements they set out to go beyond the limits of all time low Rn’R standards.

Playing around all the local neighborhoods relentlessly and putting out a self-released first Demo entitled “Manual Practico Para la Autodestruccion”. Translated to “A Practical Guide to Self-Destruction”. Lyrical themes range from pretty much each member’s personal experience. You don’t get Political Punk statements, Youth Anthems or Whiny songs about love and break ups, simply, a straightforward, I don’t give a fuck attitude.

The Rn’R roar and howl of DFMK is as potent as the Detroit and New York scene in the early 70’s, but with a distinctive Tijuana vibe and sound. The songs are wilder than the over produced music of today, and much like their predecessors (The Stooges, New York Dolls and MC5) records, expose the state of mind of the youth and urban tribes of what Paris refers to as the most decadent city in the world without sacrificing the melody