OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1

The Superweaks

Philadelphia, PA

In 2014, The Weaks kicked off the year with their debut EP, The World Is A Terrible Place And I Hate Myself And Want To Die. It was the type of record you’d think was a joke if it wasn’t so filled with genuine punk rock hits. The songwriting duo of Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo found themselves a small cult following with that EP, and now they plan on smashing the gate to superstardom with their first LP release, Bad Year.

A record for all those ready to rock, one track of Bad Year has more guitars than you’ve heard on the radio in the last five years. Layers of massive shredding and synths fill this record to the brim. If you like Superchunk guitars or Weezer guitars or Cheap Trick guitars, you’ll find them here.