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The Shell Corporation

Burbank, CA

About The Shell Corporation:

1. The Shell Corporation is Jan Drees, Curtiss Lopez, Seantonamo Bay and Jake Margolis. Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums, respectively.

2. The Shell Corporation started in 2011 and is from Burbank, California where The Tonight Show is filmed.

3. The Shell Corporation bears live young which crawl from the mother’s womb to a small pouch where the newborn completes gestation.

4. The Shell Corporation has thus far released 2 full lengths: “Mandrake” and “Force Majeure” an EP “Time and Pressure”, a 7” “Bread & Circuses” and a split 7” “with The Mighty Fine.

5. A group of the Shell Corporations is called a plethora.

6. The Shell Corporation tours a lot, and will probably be playing near you soon.

7. The Shell Corporation newest record is out out on Paper + Plastick Records. It’s called Mandrake. (See #4)

8. The Shell Corporation, when threatened, will spray its attackers with a pungent chemical emitted from glands near its anus.

9. The Shell Corporation hates writing band bios.

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