OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1


Mexico City, Mexico

As I once was, YOU are now Oráculo! Surrender to the will of the universe! BECOME YOURSELF!”

Raised by his Grandfather in a small Mexican village, Oráculo experienced terrifying premonitions as a child, seeing a serpent bringing death and destruction to the world. Recognizing this unusual ability, Grandfather revealed to Oráculo that he also possessed the same gift. His Grandfather explained that these visions were of the future and in order to be prepared for his inevitable battle with the forces of darkness, Oráculo would have to harness these powers and transform himself into a warrior.

Under the watchful instruction of his Grandfather, Oráculo was trained in the art of Lucha Libre. As the years passed, Oráculo grew stronger, both physically and mentally; his skills as a Luchador were unparalleled and exceeded even his Grandfather’s most demanding expectations. With Oráculo’s psychic visions increasing in frequency and intensity, his Grandfather taught him to control the premonitions through deep meditation and how use them to his advantage inside of the wrestling ring.

On Oráculo’s 18th birthday, his Grandfather called him inside and pulled a wooden trunk from under the floorboards of their home. Inside of the trunk were old photographs of Oráculo’s Grandfather as a masked Luchador and many newspaper articles chronicling his heroic victories in the Lucha Libre world.

Wrapped in a piece of tattered burlap was the immaculately crafted gold and silver mask that Oráculo’s Grandfather had worn during his time in the ring. Grandfather presented Oráculo with the mask that would become his new identity and said “I have only prepared your body; the warrior spirit has always lived inside of you. It is now that you must leave everything of your old life behind.”

As Oráculo put on the mask for the first time, a brilliant white light emanated from the mysterious symbol stitched into the forehead and he felt a powerful energy course through every fiber of his body. “As I once was, YOU are now Oráculo! Surrender to the will of the universe! BECOME YOURSELF!” urged his Grandfather.

With his transformation complete, Oráculo began his journey to Mexico City, seeking to carry on the legacy of his Grandfather through Lucha Libre and find out the man who was destined to become his ultimate adversary.