OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1

No Weather Talks

Hamburg, Germany

With members distributed between the northern german towns of Hamburg and Kiel, punk_pop five-piece NO WEATHER TALKS is releasing their debut-album ‘Undoing Defeat’ in 2015. Following two EPs and extensive touring, with shows from Athens to Istanbul to – what will be their fourth time – playing FEST,  their first LP sums up the band’s first years and gets to the heart of their sound. A sound, that has found a home at Gunner Records in Europe and now also at good old No Idea Records, who are putting out NO WEATHER TALKS first US-release sometime late this summer!

Equipped with plenty of experience and mileage from respective members’ past Hardcore- and Punk-projects, NO WEATHER TALKS draws inspiration from the vast musical landscape between 90s indierock, postcore or contemporary postpunk. Their songs attempt to rephrase the political within personal issues, reflect upon their own privilege and sometimes scream it out loud.