Killer Waves


OK so this isn’t a real band… KILLER WAVES is NIGHT BIRDS minus Brian (singer) playing a set of surf instrumental songs. Actually, Brian might play the egg shaker or the triangle or something… See, each Night Birds record (Most of them, anyway) have a few surf instrumental tunes, and we normally play 1, maybe 2 per set… Well, this is us playing a full sets worth. Old songs, new ones (Yes, we just recorded a 4 song surf instrumental 7″ titled MONSTER SURF on Wallride Records but under the Night Birds name, NOT Killer Waves), covers… you get the idea.  This is a Night Birds set of all surf instrumental songs under the name KILLER WAVES… Should we have just titled it “NIGHT BIRDS doing a surf instrumental set”? Maybe, maybe not. That is left up to interpretation. Either way, KILLER WAVES is just a secret alias. Listen, we’ll probably play the KIDS IN THE HALL theme song, so just come see us, OK?!