OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1


Puebla, México
Joliette, a post-everything band. This self-denomination rather than trying to confuse or anticipate the music’s content, is but an indication of joliette’s unpredictability as a band. Rooted in Puebla, joliette is a band that since 2011 decided to strictly attach to an EIY (Earn it yourself) philosophy in order to sail on with its own merits, impulsing a honest and self-taught rock scene.
Thanks to the good critical response towards their first two EP’s, Convertirse en Agua (2011) and Voltean/Están Felices (2013), joliette have been able to expose their music all around Mexico. But joliette are not only known for the quality behind the recordings and the music videos, but also because of the unique and energetic experience it is to watch them live. Principia (2013), the band’s first LP, is the culmination of two years of hard work. In this album, joliette decided to leave behind any genre preconception, as well as declining
to follow any formula. Everything made while intentionally searching for something interesting and never done before in Spanish. Somewhere in between of all the chaos, the dissonance and the complex rhythms, they achieve it.