OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1

Gameday Regulars

Bronx, NY

Gameday Regulars are a bunch of friends from the Bronx, New York writing hard hitting, gritty and passionate music telling tales of brotherhood, betrayal, heartbreak and a journey into new life.

Since the release of their first record (“… But it’s hell in the hallway”) in 2012 Gameday Regulars have toured extensively around the United States of America including multiple festival appearances, found time to release their second EP (“”Nobody Likes a Quitter) in 2013 and have developed a reputation of being a hardworking punk rock band.

Their latest release via Paper and Plastick is a split with long-time buddies UK Guerrilla Monsoon. The tracks continue to explore the themes present in the earlier records, opens up European touring opportunities and cements their friendship with Guerrilla Monsoon.

Gameday Regulars will be touring a town near you soon.