OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1

Freddy Fudd Pucker

Berlin, Germany

Freddy Fudd Pucker (Tom Young) is originally from a small city at the edge of the earth called Dunedin, New Zealand. However, he has spent the last five years or so touring the world, playing hundreds of shows across Australasia, the USA and Europe. The last two years have seen him based in Berlin, Germany, focusing on a nearly constant European tour schedule. Freddy looks at touring as a way of cultivating not only a growing and loyal fan base but the very experiences and characters that make up his songs.

A one-boy-band of sorts, his live show consists of a guitar, banjo, distorted loops and samples, a suitcase bass-drum on one foot, a tambourine on the other and the howl of someone that refuses to grow into what he considers an ugly, modern idea of adulthood. With these tools he performs intensely lyrical songs wrapped in extremely fast rhythms and melodies. Chaos does not reign, but is kept on a very long leash.

With ethos firmly rooted in DIY music culture, Freddy believes the audience to be as integral to the show as the performer. Shows on recent UK and European tours have been described as ‘communal exorcisms’. Things get sweaty, things get said, things get rowdy… As a result, no two shows are ever the same. Live in Munich, Germany, His growing reputation for being an extremely entertaining and unique performer has earned him support slots on recent European tours for legends such as CJ Ramone (USA), SNFU (Canada), La Vela Puerca (Uruguay) and Deer Tick (USA). In the past few years he has performed at festivals like FunFunFunFest (Austin, TX), Camp A Low Hum (NZ), and The Fest 2010 (Gainesville, FL) which he will be revisiting this year as part of an October US tour. In 2014 Freddy self-released “It Gets Worse Still, A Cell” which came in the form of a CD accompanying a graphic booklet, also entirely self produced. It has proven to impress his growing European fanbase with Freddy selling out multiple editions.