Cigarette Crossfire

Helsinki, Finland

Cigarette Crossfire is a four-piece punk band formed in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The band plays guitar-driven, politically charged, rough yet catchy punk rock in the vein of Hot Water Music, Leatherface and Finland’s own Manifesto Jukebox. Continuing the legacy of the hard-working bands on Combat Rock Industry, Cigarette Crossfire started touring internationally right after their first seven-inch. Since the early days the band has toured mainland Europe twice, released a full-length album, toured USA and played the Fest in Gainesville FL, released another seven-inch and toured some more. Being constantly in motion, the year 2013 brings no change to the schedule as the band is ready to do some more touring and start recording a follow-up to 2011′s “In Between The Cure And The Disease”2013 also brought the group’s first line-up change when Jere chose to leave the band. It can be hard for bands to continue after losing a front man, but this band were in luck and found a replacement quickly. In a matter of few weeks the band was back playing shows and writing songs again.

A self titled new full length is done and due out early 2014.