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Calgary, Alberta

What’s Canadian, went dormant for five years and began as nothing more than a figment of some crazy Albertan’s imagination as a way to sell tee shirts to high school kids? If you said the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, you’re completely nuts, as those are both from Tibet. I’m actually talking about everyone’s favorite long running pop punk upstarts Chixdiggit! Okay, quick history lesson: Chixdiggit! was originally conceived by four guys who couldn’t play instruments after they made enough money selling tee shirts around their high school (for an at-the-time fictional band called Chixdiggit!) to purchase some drums. If that doesn’t make sense, read on, because that’s just how stuff works in Chixdiggit!land.

Chixdiggit! have toured the world, put out records on indie juggernaut Sub Pop, wacky Fat Wreck subsidiary Honest Dons, Bad Taste and most recently Fat Wreck Chords proper. They’ve got more releases than a minimum-security prison in Holland and they’ve been on hiatus at least once or maybe even twice, depending on who you ask, or maybe they’ve just been up to other shit. In 2011, their first release in five years, Safeways Here We Come blazed onto the scene to rave reviews. After a few tours and being well rested the gents came together to compile their latest offering Double Diggits! to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
Chixdiggit! have had an enduring career pumping out some of the catchiest, fast paced, fun laden melodies ever written. With an unwavering dedication to their proven formula of cheeky lyrics and to-the-point music, Chix have created a vast catalog of pop-punk classics over their more than 20 years as a band. While it’s true that a classic never dies, it never hurts to take it off the shelf and polish it up every once in a while. This is exactly what the band decided to do with their two definitive releases Born on the First of July and From Scene to Shining Scene. Both albums were originally released on Honest Don’s (a former subsidiary of Fat Wreck Chords) to great acclaim, but never quite received the attention that they deserved. In order to remedy this, Fat Wreck Chords decided to compile Double Diggits!, a CD that features both the Born and Scene albums in their entirety together on one disc. In addition to being paired up, both albums have been fully remastered and are bolstered with 8 extremely rare bonus tracks, bringing the total track count on Double Diggits! to a staggering 32 songs! Vinyl fans will also be elated to hear that both (previously out of print) LP’s will be individually reissued as well (remastered and with bonus tracks). This time around these albums will be official Fat Wreck Chords releases too, affording them the broader visibility they warrant. Chixdiggit! fans: double time it and get your hands on Double Diggits!

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