OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1


San Diego, CA

Caskitt is a unique three-piece punk rock band from San Diego, CA. Operating like a “hook-and-ladder” firetruck, this band is driven from the back by drummer and lead vocalist Matt Caskitt, and steered from the front by Steffen Long on guitar and Jesse Hernandez on bass; both providing harmonies and taking over vocal duties when needed. Caskitt self-released the “Don’t Tell Anyone” EP in the fall of 2013 and pin balled up and down the West Coast in 2014. After wrapping up their last tour, Caskitt went into the studio to record their anticipated full length: This Machine Kills Sadness. The album will be available digitally and on CD March 31, 2015. Vinyl will be available in the fall :)