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Carrion Spring

Portland, OR

Carrion Spring was formed in the fall of 2008 in Portland, OR between three long standing friends from New York. A year later a close friend from Pennsylvania was added as second guitarist. The band was conceived simply as a means for friends to play music together. Their aspirations were and still are to do nothing more than record music and play house shows. For four years now the members have been booking and holding shows at their house in Portland with local and touring bands, at least once to twice a month. All proceeds go straight to the touring bands, and no one is turned away for lacking funds. Every show is all ages. The band sees this as integral to community action, where people support those who continue to bring us together. Members of the band have been, and to some extent are still involved in some radical activities, such as volunteering at Food Not Bombs and other local collectives (radical art collectives, anarchist bookstores, etc). Carrion Spring is a completely DIY band, recording and producing all of their own music themselves, in the same house where they hold shows. Their recordings have seen some releases on a few labels, with their upcoming full length “A Short History of Decay” on Bear Records and Forever Escaping Boredom Records. Their lyrics, without remaining too pessimistic, try to elicit certain views on many contemporary political and socio-economic climates from a radical standpoint. Their music will continue to be a major part of the relationship between four very close friends, and a means to reach out to their surrounding communities. The only other goal that remains for Carrion Spring is to one day play a show with Megadeth and convert Dave Mustane into a Satanist.

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