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June 9th Update!

Happy Monday, Fest Friends!

We have a quick update and a reminder for you all.

Bands Added to Fest 13

7 Seconds

7 Seconds, Only Crime, RVIVR, Shellshag, Pet Symmetry, Brief Lives, Captive Bolt, Single Mothers, Erica Freas (RVIVR), MERM (Mattie Jo Canino/ RVIVR), Carrion Spring, Rivernecks, The Ones to Blame, Rapturous Grief, Rubbish, Process, Bartender Brian, The Moms (Acoustic)

We’re also happy to have our friends Tiltwheel & Rotting Out playing Pre-Fest 2 in Ybor this year!

Early Bird Pricing Ends June 30th!

That gives you 3 weeks to get the best rate possible! Don’t snooze! Passes are selling fast!

We still have a few pretty cool features in the works for you all, so be sure to check back with us on the reg. You’ll hear from us again soon.

Thanks! Don’t swelter in this summer heat. – Tony & The Fest 13 Crew

May 14th Update!


It is hard to believe that it has been about a month and a half since we first launched THE FEST 13/ BIG PRE-FEST IN LITTLE YBOR 2 SITE… In that time we have been able to announce over 250+ bands so far including DESCENDENTS, a reunion from MINERAL, a 20 year special anniversary show from HOT WATER MUSIC, LIFETIME, MARKED MEN, LESS THAN JAKE, STRIKE ANYWHERE and so many more great FEST alumni and new blood.

Now we are reaching near the end of our booking and are extremely excited to announce that (the) MELVINS will finally be added to the party!!!


We are also announcing the following bands will also be playing FEST 13 and some signing on for BIG PRE-FEST IN LITTLE YBOR 2.


Able Baker Fox (Small Brown Bike/ Casket Lottery), ColiseumGatorface (reunion), VacationThe Jetty BoysUnited NationsWhiskey & Co.WHORESThe UnlovablesLife In VacuumThe Slow Death, Nato Cole and the Blue Diamond BandDevon Kay and the SolutionsChris FarrenAntarctigo Vespucci (Chris Farren/ Jeff Rosenstock), Young LadiesMax Levine Ensemble, SpoonboyThe Tim Version, DeluxeLaura PalmerFellow ProjectChildren’s ChildrenNo More, SnakehealersBrian McGeeWho Needs You (Solo), DREDGERMeridianSpruce Bringsteen, Kyle Chason, It Looks Sad, My Body Sings ElectricAviatorEverybody RowBig ShoalsSinai Vessel, and Mantar (DE)


Screaming Females, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Toys that Kill, PUP, Spraynard,  Dowsing, Tiny Moving Parts, SPORT, Astpai, The Cincinnati Royals, Vacation, Slow Death, The Tim Version, Deluxe, Laura Palmer, Rational Anthem, Too Many Daves, Roger Harvey and the Wild Life, Shallow Cuts, Madison Bloodbath, as well as  Benny and the Jet Rodriguez.

Like I mentioned before, we are nearing the end of our booking already. I am sure we will have a few more surprises in store for you over the summer but for now we are working hard on getting the schedule finished so we can hopefully get it finalized and announced in record time this year.


It has not even been a full month of sales, and we are well over the half way point for the amount of passes we have left to sell to each event. Please get your passes early so you are not missing out on what is shaping up to be one fucking epic year for FEST!!!

Remember – early bird pricing ends on June 30th!

Make sure to follow us on our social media accounts for updates, announcements and other fun stuff.

Hopefully next week we will be able to bring you two new fun features to the site. Stay tuned, you will be stoked we promise!

TONY and the FEST

April 24th Update!

Hey FEST Friends,

As promised, here’s the next batch of confirmed bands!  By my counts, that makes the total confirmed 250+. Crazy – considering this time last year the site had just launched! See the list below for you to geek out!




We are more than happy to announce that Mineral is coming to Fest to celebrate their 20th Anniversary! Get stoked.

Also joining us, a hearty mix of the old and the new: Paint It Black, Iron Chic, The Copyrights, The Arrivals, Treasure Fleet, Radon, Jeff Rosenstock, Asshole Parade, Dangers, The City On Film (full band), Lifted Bells, Make Do and Mend, The Dopamines , Xerxes, Sundials, Stickup Kid, Hard Girls, American Sharks, Posture & The Grizzly, Glocca Morra, SPORT (FR), Post Teens, Eric Ayotte, Tiny Empires, Adventures, Empty Lungs (nIRE), Ducking Punches (UK), Creepoid, Ex-Breathers, Edmonton, Football, ETC, Pool Party, King Friday, The Cincinnati Royals, Old Wounds, Old Lines, Nerd Alert, Hospital Job, The Maxies, State Faults, The Blind Staggers, Made Ready, Weak Teeth, Worship This!, The Pauses, Jason Guy Smiley and Greenland Is Melting

Here are the few hitting up Ybor & Gainesville: PUP (CA), Madison Bloodbath, Toys that Kill, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Benny The Jet Rodriguez and Jeff Brawer

That’s all the new junk I got for now! Take care of yourselves.

Cheers, Tony & the FEST 13 Crew

April 20th Update!





April 19th Update!

Hey FEST Friends,

Tomorrow, we will celebrate my new favorite Holiday 4:20 EASTER!! I can’t think of a better merger of special times — so we decided to toss into the mix the first day of selling PASSES/ HOTELS/ MERCH and seats on the PORK CHOP FEST EXPRESS. This is always a pretty crazy day so here are a few things to keep in mind when ordering.

  • SALES START AT 4:20PM Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.A. So set your clocks and be ready to snag your shit!
  • THE HOLIDAY INN (GAINESVILLE) rooms go super fast! This is the main thing that people grab first and the first thing to sell out. Last year the entire hotel sold out in 45 minutes through our site. DO NOT CALL THE HOLIDAY INN TO BOOK A ROOM OR WITH QUESTIONS. They will not be able to help you. We also suspect that the HILTON GARDEN INN (YBOR) will go quickly too, since we only have a small rooming block there.
  • If you are NOT ordering a hotel right now, please wait an hour or so before buying your PASSES and other stuff. This will help keep the site from getting bogged down and help the folks, especially traveling from far far away to be able to access the site to process their hotel orders.
  • REMEMBER: What ever you purchase will be charged to your card at that time!!!
  • In the beginning of the sale, expect the site to load SLOW!!! We have upgraded our server to the max allowed for this day, but keep in mind we are not a fucking major corporate monster so shit will run slow. Best is to go to the site now and figure out exactly what you want to purchase so you can get in and out with the quickness.
  • DO NOT FREAK OUT when your confirmation email receipt does not pop up in your in box within seconds. Due to the amount of orders, it may take some time for that email to get to you. If you still have not received your email confirmation within 24 hours check your spam folder first, then contact us.

I think that is about it for now. I hope everyone has a smooth and happy transaction, and we are extremely excited to see where you all are coming from! I am sure we will share some of these stats with you on Thursday 4/24 when we announce the next round of confirmed bands.

Thanks again for making each and every year of FEST a special one. Enjoy 4:20 Easter! Don’t get too enlightened and try to eat the entire bunny!

Cheers and thanks,
Tony and the FEST crew


Thursday 4/24 you can come back to the site to see a new batch of bands confirmed for FEST 13! We pushed the announcement back a few days in hopes to get the final word from some folks who were still figuring out their plans. Come back then and see who will be returning and who we are bringing back from their slumber.

April 15th Update!


Heads up! We added more bands to FEST 13 now making it 200 confirmed bands. We still have some big hopefuls we are still waiting on & an inbox that is overflowing with requests to play (despite us asking not to email us). So, with over 6 months away from FEST 13, I think we are off to an amazing start!

Before you get all caught up in who has been added we have an important reminder for you all.


So, mark your calendars so you don’t forget. HOTELS usually go super fast and we expect FEST 13 and PRE-FEST 2 passes to sell out faster than they ever have before with this special lineup this year.

Now that we have warned you here is who we have added for round two of bands playing FEST 13!!!



We are very excited that Hot Water Music has chosen to celebrate their 20 year anniversary with us – only Florida show to boot!

Also joining the party: Touché Amoré, Masked Intruder, Screaming FemalesBen Nichols, Modern Baseball, Pianos Become the TeethThe SidekicksEveryone Everywhere, TiltwheelSmalltown (SE)Enabler, RescuerRunaway Brother, Shallow CutsRational Anthem, Et Tu Brute, Three Man Cannon, The Hundred Acre Woods, The Weaks, Chalk TalkSRVVLSTArliss NancyKittyhawkTwo KnightsCicada Radio, Lindsey MillsClose TalkerJunior BattlesProtagonistSunshine StateTeen AgersWet NurseThe Bennies (AU)The Shell CorporationStabbed in BackBrian MarquisToo Many DavesAndrew Cream (Full Band)Arms AloftMy ManNothing In The DarkPlaceholderRust Belt Lights, and the Duppies.

Also, Restorations, Worriers, Pale Angels, Cumulus as well as a special reunion from SPRAYNARD will be appearing at both FEST 13 (GAINESVILLE) and BIG PRE-FEST IN LITTLE YBOR 2 (YBOR/TAMPA).

That is your update for now. We will be announcing another batch of bands on 4/21/14, the day after everything goes on sale.

If you are first visiting the FEST 13 site, please keep reading to see who else is playing and get more info on how the party time will go down this year!


Tony and the FEST 13 Crew

April First Update!

Welcome FEST friends to another exciting year of FEST!

We have lots to cover in this first announcement, so take some time to go through our new site and make sure to explore the band pages to check out all the new bands we are bringing down to the party this year. We will be announcing even more in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned and follow us on all our social media outlets for updates.



We are extremely excited and honored to be hosting the DESCENDENTS this year for their only Florida show!!! I guess having ALL play last year showed Bill, Stephen and Karl just how much fun FEST is and how all of you are the most amazing and devoted music fans out there. We are also stoked to be able to announce alumni like LIFETIME, MARKED MENLESS THAN JAKE, STRIKE ANYWHERE, THE MENZINGERS, CHUCK RAGAN & THE CAMARADERIE, INTO IT. OVER IT. , TIM BARRY, DEAR LANDLORD, CHEAP GIRLS, NIGHT BIRDS, THE FLATLINERS, BANNER PILOT, LAURA STEVENSON, BROADWAY CALLS, THE SMITH STREET BAND, YOU BLEW IT!, LEMURIA, WE ARE THE UNION, CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE, MIXTAPES, THE HOLY MESS, RED CITY RADIO, GROOVIE GHOULIES, LOOK MEXICO,  and THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE & I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE. We are also glad to be able have down for the first time CHIXDIGGIT, ALLISON WEISS, SELF DEFENSE FAMILY, KILLER WAVES, ROTTING OUT, GNARWOLVES, FOXING and many many more new bands to check out this year on the BANDS PAGE of the site. We hope to be able to give you another batch of confirmed bands on 4/15 before passes/hotels/merch go up for sale. Be sure to follow us on our social media sites for updates and announcements.

Be sure to check for the “FLORIDA EXCLUSIVE” ribbon for all of our amigos making Fest their only Sunshine State experience!



This year we have a slight change in venues for FEST 13. The Florida Theater closed down. We hope someone awesome takes it over, but we just can’t wait around to see if that can happen. As many of you heard we have been working very closely with the city of Gainesville to be able to expand FEST and use city property. They have granted our wishes, and we will be moving forward with plans to utilize the BO DIDDLEY PLAZA for FEST 13. We will be fencing off the area, bringing in killer sound and lights and pretty much making it a kick ass FEST world for all of you. We still have not gotten a final verdict on what the capacity will be, but we all are hoping it will be a much larger space so you all will have a chance to catch all the headliners this year. Stay tuned for more info as we work more with the city on making this the best FEST yet!



We are once again going to expand the good times down to YBOR/TAMPA area for BIG PRE-FEST IN LITTLE YBOR 2. Last year was a huge success and we only got amazing feedback from attendees, bands, and the venues down there so why not do it again. We will be doing it for two days again at four venues in the heart of Historic Ybor City. Looks like we will be able to host about 60+ bands and we are encouraging them to do some special sets while down there. For more info check out the PRE-FEST 2 page of the site.


That’s right. Easter Sunday Funday!!! Grab your passes, merch, and hotel rooms that day and get a cheaper price on passes for ordering early! WE WILL ONLY BE SELLING 3,750 PASSES  FOR FEST 13 (GAINESVILLE) WE WILL ONLY BE SELLING 1,200 PASSES FOR BIG PRE-FEST IN LITTLE YBOR 2 (YBOR/TAMPA) So, don’t wait on this and be left out when the party sells out!!!

Don’t forget to check out our sleek shirt designs on the MERCH page!


Want to stay on top of band announcements, exciting new developments or just be apart of the conversations about this exciting FEST 13 year? Then follow us and help us spread the word. Check out our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds. Well folks, that is about it for this crazy first big FEST announcement. Enjoy the new site and be sure check out all the bands playing so far this year. We hope you all are as excited as we are so far. Hopefully all our wish list will come true and we will be able to bring you the biggest and best FEST yet! Cheers and thank you all for being part of our wonderful FEST family!

- Tony and the rest of the FEST crew

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