OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1


Jersey City, NJ

I hate writing bios, so I paid Paul Blest from Caseracer + Gifthorse to do it for me:

Banquets is a band from New Jersey that very few people in New Jersey care about, and a lot of people at Fest care about. They all met last year in eighth grade when Dave started a fantasy football league that was won by John from Podacter – the only one who got into the playoffs was Ghost and Travis got last so he’s getting a trophy with dogshit on it.

I’ve seen them four times at Fest (mostly at Rockey’s) and I don’t remember a single thing from any of those times, probably because of the $1 whiskey test tubes. I think I had fun though.

Band members:
Brian “Mister Peanutbutter” Maguire – drums
Dave “Sunnyvale Mustard Tigers ” Frenson – guitar
Chris “VANCOUVER TEAM GOOD EY?” Larsen – bass
Travis “DipsyDoodle TacoBagsBaby ” Omillian – guitar/vocals