OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1


Las Vegas, NV

Founded in 2011, Alaska is the product of four individual efforts channeled in one. Effect drenched guitars and driving bass guitar weave around one another, trading off prominence creating a peaceful and interesting ambiance. Guiding the course of the noise are the progressive and nuanced drum patterns laid down by Nick Strader. All of Alaska swells and recedes as shouting vocals and singing match the intensity or somberness. Alaska manages to maintain a cohesive and emotional heaviness while also displaying proficiency on their instruments. Through their DIY ethos, the band has managed to catalog several self-releases and secure a label association with Soft Speak Records as of summer 2013. Constant self-booking all across the U.S has crafted Alaska into a prominent name in the DIY touring circuit, while also cultivating a strong following of friends from around the country. Slated to release their second LP in 2015, Alaska is poised to be just as, if not more popular than the state of the same name.