OCT 30, 31 & NOV 1

HAPPY FEST SITE LAUNCH DAY! (cough cough cough)

Today is the day you all have been waiting for, so welcome to the beginning of FEST 14 and PRE-FEST 3!!! Inhale….HOLD IT……exhale! Now, that you have calmed down you may explore the new and improved THEFESTFL.com. We hope you enjoy what we have curated for you so far. So far, this year is full of old friends who will be returning to FEST as well as a massive list of freshmen class just itching to play their hearts out for you all. I feel like this year more than any other year we really have an amazing amount of new bands, and I feel very lucky to be exposed to and share with you this year.

But do not fear, we still have about 100 more bands to book so for now lets have a peek into what lies ahead for your FEST 14 and PRE-FEST 3!!!

Lagwagon, Desaparecidos, The Menzingers, Mustard Plug, Tim Barry, Off With Their Heads, Teenage Bottlerocket, mewithoutYou, Modern Baseball, The Hotelier, Chumped, The Sidekicks, Elway, Defiance Ohio, Mikey Erg, Chris Gethard, Somos, Pentimento, Iron Reagan, Night Birds, Restorations, Young Widows, Banner Pilot, The Copyrights, PUP, Beach Slang, Foxing, Jeff Rosenstock, Drug Church, Signals Midwest, The City On Film (Full Band), Crusades, Kepi Ghoulie, Tiltwheel, Sonic Avenues, Chris Farren, Annabel, Heartsounds, Timeshares, Prawn, Great Cynics (UK), Old Flings, The Murderburgers (UK), Banquets, Frameworks, We Are The Union, Spraynard, Crocodiles, Look Mexico, Blacklist Royals, Direct Hit, Arms Aloft AND MANY MANY MORE!

So, when you check the special box on the bands page, those fine friends love you so much that they are coming to FL a little early to party down in Historic (and wild as hell) Ybor city for PRE-FEST 3! Expect some “special” sets to be announced from each of these bands later down the road.

We also have a few more tricks up our sleeveless tees to break out as summer rolls on. We already have 267 bands committed this far out. That is already over a 1,000 lazy ass band buds who have their fall plans figured out. Just shows that this party is not to be missed. So, if you are crying about how you “don’t know what our fall plans are as of right now”. Well, I know where we will be so, if you wanna join in on the fun come on down. We’ll see ya in Gainesville with our friends.

If you have not heard yet, we got a big prize for putting on the best show anyone has done ever at Bo Diddley Plaza last year. For those who were there we all want to give the biggest THANK YOU for being the most amazing fans and truely enjoying Bo Diddley Plaza as much as we did organizing it. So, what was the big PRIZE you ask? Drum roll please…… Bo Diddley gets shut down for a year for construction. Good news is the city will be making some really awesome changes and upgrades while it is closed, and we will be able to use it next year for FEST 15! In other good news, we get to show off again this year and turn nothing into something kick ass! LOT 10 will be born for FEST 14. Lot 10 is the large parking lot across from LOOSEY’S and FIVE STAR. We have great plans for the space and should have an idea on capacity soon. Then we start asking for some street closures and see what the final beast will look like.

We also are renting a big stage as well as the best sound and lights we have had to date. We are all just excited because we already know the the city of Gainesville realizes that we really know what we are doing and that all of you are so awesome! I have never seen so many cops at a punk show smiling and telling us how great everyone was last year. So once again, THANK YOU!!! We will be working hard on making a parking lot the best venue to date at FEST!

So, I know this time last year we had everything up for sale already. It also was a nightmare for many of you out there. I know it was for us. So, to try to nip that in the butt early this year we have decided that this year we are going to work with a ticketing company and try to make sure the first day of sales goes super smooth this year. LIMITED RUN will be helping us out this year and we have only heard good things from our friends about them. This may mean you have to pay a little more attention this year when ordering. AKA: don’t get wasted waiting for everything to go on sale. You may have to remember your order number and email in some speical instructions on your orders this year too. AKA: you may have to be proactive and a little patient. The deal is this — NO ticketing company has done what FEST has done with a shopping cart over the years: bundling Tickets, Merch, Hotels, and Bus Rides all in one and keeping it 100% DIY, in house and low cost to you. Limted Run seems like the best solution and we feel like we should be in good hands this year.

June 1st also gives you time to think about what you want, ask questions and get your finances all in order. It’s good to plan out a big adventure like this in advance.

For now be sure to check out the hotel options for this year. We have two hotels right in YBOR now for PRE-FEST 3 that you can stumble home to and three Gainesville hotels to choose from this year featuring a way cheaper option if you have wheels or can afford a ride. Perfect for bands and regional worriers!!!

Also, check on a flight to TAMPA and join us for PRE-FEST 3. I think everyone who has gone or played the past two years will agee that it is kinda the BEST! Make sure to check out the PORK CHOP FEST EXPRESS (PCFE) for an easy, safe and affordable way to get from PRE-FEST 3 to FEST 14 and/or back to Tampa International Airport. Gainesville has a great airport too but keep in mind it is SMALL! So, flights book up quick for Gainesville. Shop early and save!!!

Join the FEST group on FACEBOOK and stay more informed than I am on what is going on with FEST. It really is the best way to stay up to date and informed on all the crazy stuff we have planned for this year. It is also crucial weekend of on knowing about the special mystery shows we plan in the schedule each year.
@thefestfl, #FEST14, #PREFESTYBOR3

I need your help with this. I love pro-wrestling just as much as I love punk rock, and we LOVE going to see the amazing talent from NXT!

We have gone several times and tried to find some sort of contact to talk to about getting them to FEST, but nothing has come of it. So, now I ask of you all who love wrestling to help me out and call on @WWENXT to come to FEST 14! Hell, it’s based out of ORLANDO, and they just came to Gainesville last week.

We want to rent out the entire building and have a show just for FEST 14 attendees. Thinking either Saturday or Sunday in the daytime like we did last year with Kaiju Big Battle. NXT can then do their normal house show at night for their normal Gainesville fans.

How awesome would it be to have a gym filled with NXT fans from all over the world in one spot.

I would bet the farm that FEST would be the best damn crowd ever! Hell, we could even do country sections!

So, help me out here and lets see more Sami Zayn skankin’ at FEST!

If you are unfamiliar, check out NXT. You can also watch new and archived episodes on HULU or every Wednesday night on the WWE Network for only $9.99 a month! Ha!

I can already hear the chants…..FEST! FEST! FEST!

Check out the new merch designs from HORSEBITES and some of the classic FEST merch designs over on our MERCH page. We also hope to bring a few more interesting addtions to FEST MERCH before everything goes on sale JUNE 1st.




I guess that is it for today. We will be announcing more bands before JUNE 1st, and we’ll get you all more of an update about our plans for LOT 10. I can’t tell you how excited I am about how this year is shaping up. So many familair friends and so many new bands to bring into the FEST family this year. You have some homework this year my friends! Strap on that koozie and pull the cooler a little closer. There are new new faces of FEST to catch up on.

Until the next episode,
Tony and THE FEST family